Saturday, February 15, 2014

~ 2014 February WIPocolypse ~

The focus is for us to finish WIPS.

 1.  To that end I did complete one WIP 

Bargello Christmas Trees

2.  My focus for now is a pilot stitching piece. Since it is an unannounced design I can not post pictures however I have completed 13 of the 41 section.

3. I am participating in a smalls exchange and I started stitching this project. I'm not posting a picture because I do not want to ruin the surprise.

4. I also started and completed this knitted skinny cable scarf and although it is not stitching it is needlework. 

I worked on two of my other WIPS at least once.
On Morning Glories I started to work on the green vine. 

I have an Mirabilia RR from 2006. One of the stitchers in the RR had to withdraw and that left one panel on my RR undone. I have known since I got the RR back that I wanted to stitch 'The Kiss' in that open spot and I finally started it. 


While I think of myself as  OAAT stitcher I'm not really. But I am not a formal rotation stitcher either. I have tried various rotations  and I am never comfortable with them.  I don't like actively working on more than two or three pieces at a time. I find I develop a rhythm with a piece that comes from knowing the colors I am working with and being familiar with the symbols and strategy of the design. Therefore I am reluctant to move away from a piece until I get frustrated or tired of it for some reason. So why do I have 17 WIPs? I start pieces usually because I see the design and I want to start it right away. In 2013 I had 8 starts and most of them were small pieces.  I like to work on small pieces thinking I will get them done right away. I did finish five  of these starts and three other pieces that were started in previous years.    I also volunteered to do an ANG pilot stitch project which I am doing now.   So 14 of the 17 WIPs I started this year with, were started before 2013. All that said, I really would like to finish these pieces that have been languishing and which I still like. My strategy now is to pick  one of my larger/harder  WIPs to be a focus piece which I will stitch on until completion. I will also partner it with a smaller alternate piece that I can stitch on when I get tired, bored, frustrated or just want a change from the focus piece. With this technique I hope to finish one project per month. This month  I am focusing on my pilot stitch piece and I have partnered it with my smalls exchange piece. It would also help if I didn't start any new projects. :)