2017 WIPS

I am starting out the year with 26 WIPs which are a mix of needlepoint and cross stitch projects. I will use this page as a visual journal of my WIPs and add pictures as I pull the WIP out of Storage to work on it. I am working on twp multi-part projects and have therefore not pictured them here. They are TW's Six Byzantine Ornaments (1 out of 6 completed),  Bag Tags of the 50 States (9 out of 50 completed).  

Cross Stitch and Needlepoint
Grand Old Flag

TW's 3rd Day of Christmas

LHN Holiday House

TW Dragon Ride
Rug by Princely

Dragon Virtues Afghan

TW's 2nd Day of Christmas

TW Wedding Sampler
TW Story Teller

Autumn Woods

Afternoon Nap

London Ornament
Mardi Gras
ANG Name Tag
Gay Ann Rogers Echoes of Elizabeth

Garden of Babylon

Heavenly Cats

Blackwork Circles
Saatsuma's Forest

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