Monday, January 1, 2007

A New Beginning...

I always love the first day of the year. A day to reflect on what you have done and what you have left undone in the previous year. A day to create plans for the new set of 365 days stretching out before you as yet unmarred. I have taken advantage of today to review my 2006 goals and see how much I accomplished and then launched into the development of my 2007 goals. Goals must present a challenge and mine certainly do. I look forward to trying to accomplish every single one. In addition to my 12 general life goals I also came up with six needlework goals. I will post these goals for 2007 here but I also posted my 101 Tasks in 1001 Days list in an earlier post. Although I created my task list in July of 2006 I never got around to posting it. Well now I have committed myself here as well as on some yellow legal paper in my breifcase.

So what are my goals for 2007? Here goes:
General Goals:
  1. Continue to build on my relationship with DH.
  2. Stay connected to my family, build these relationships and build new friendships.
  3. Develop a consistent journaling habit as a way to reflect: blog & book.
  4. Reevaluate my commitments, be realistic, & be reliable in those I choose to keep.
  5. Exercise regularly (aerobic and weights) & improve my flexibility (yoga)
  6. Take care of my health: see the doctor & dentist, change my eating habits, and get down to 150 lbs.
  7. Continue to decorate and improve our home.
  8. Clean out the junk in our home & organize: commons, closets, and basement.
  9. Organize my office.
  10. Do some financial planning.
  11. Continue to develop my collaborative teaching techniques.
  12. Develop my scholarship and refine UG Coordinator role.

Needlework Goals:
1. Get my x-stitch WIP number down to five. My existing WIPS are:
Dragon Ride
Christmas Tree Mandala
Dragon Virtues Afghan (January – May)
Renaissance Bookmark (TWRR)
Deco Spirit-Fire (Mira- RR)
Michael Powell’s Venice Street Scene
Mini Mandala Garden I #2
Celestial Scissor Fob (January)
Autumn Sampler
Needlepoint Leaves
2. Finish all completed needlework.
3. Finish the quilt for Eric.
4. Stitch polar fleece throws.
5. Do all mending and do some home sewing.
6. Learn some more knitting or crocheting and do one project.

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