Sunday, October 4, 2015

SFS 2015 Check-in ~ September~

Carry Over 34.59
Budget: 25.00
Amount Spent: $ 6.68
Amount Earned: $0.00
Final Balance: 52.98

This has been another slow month for cross stitch as I am focused on stitching Christmas ornaments and the ones I am making right now are needlepoint painted canvases. You can see in an earlier post my Ireland ornament for my grandson and I finished the background on a cardinal for my Mother-in -Law (see picture below). I spent $6.00 for the skein of silk floss for the background but I did not count it here as it was used entirely on my needlepoint project. Now I am working on a Cup Cake canvas for one of my sons.I did finish one cross stitch piece, the Rhode Island bag tag for my DH.  During the month of October I should be doing more cross stitch because I will be working on a mini bell pull and a couple of cross stitched ornaments. However I will not need to spend much since the only thing I may not have are a few floss colors for which I will buy DMC.

Here are some pictures.


The Cardinal


  1. Beautiful stitching on the bag tag and the needlepoint!

  2. Your ornaments look lovely, I especially like the background on the cupcake one :)