Friday, May 1, 2015

April Accomplishments and May Goals

My stitching goals for April and what I accomplished follows: 

  • Finish Crazy Point Block pilot stitch project - Yes I completed this project.
  • Write and submit my evaluation for Pilot Project - Yes I completed  my evaluation
  • Work on Little House Needlework's Cappuccino - None at all
  • Finish stitching Arizona Star by Laura Perin - I stitched on it but did not finish it.
  • Work on Mardi Gras and get it half done - I did not work on this at all
  • Work on Afternoon Nap - No work done on this 
  • Work on a cancer heart an ANG chapter outreach project - Yes I completed this project. 
  • Sew a polar fleece blanket for my son- No I did not.
  • Items not on my plan which I did was to stitch about 70% of a golf bag tag for my DH and stitched about 20% of K. Schenkel 2nd Day of Christmas painted canvas

I have over estimated what I can accomplish in a month so this month I will attempt to set  more realistic goals

For May my stitching goals are  to: 
  • Stitch on Mardi Gras and finish about 75% of it. 
  • Work on the K. Shenkel 2nd Day of Christmas painted canvas 
  • Finish Dad's Bag Tag

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