Thursday, March 5, 2015

February Accomplishments and March Goals

February was so cold that I felt like hibernating- that is hiding under my covers until spring. I was not as motivated in my stitching either. I was having difficulty with neck and back pain so I looked for a small project I could stitch while lying down with heat on my neck and shoulders. I selected Teresa Wentzler's Byzantine Ornament I. I started it on February 1st and finished all but the beading by February 28th.

My original goals for February were to

  • Stitch 5 sections of  Crazy Point: an ANG Pilot Stitch project
    • I worked on one section
  • Start and Finish one TW Byzantine Ornament
    • finished except for the beading
  • Work on Dragon Ride -  finish the border
    • I did a little work on the border
  • Start and Finish stitching one bell ornament
    • yes I did this
  • Work on Princely Rug during ANG meetings
    • yes I did this
  • Finishing treatment on my ANG  Name Tag
    • I have mounted it onto padded board
  • Stitch my son's fleece blanket
    • not at all. 
Monthly Goals – March 2015
  • Finish Byzantine Ornament I 
    •  Done 3/1/15
  • Finish Crazy Point
  • Mount and start Mardi Gras 
    • Mounted on 3/1/15; started stitching 3/4/15
  • Finish 2nd Day of Christmas
  • Work on Princely Rug during ANG meeting
  • Finishing treatment on Name Badge
  • Stitch Eric’s blanket


  1. Lovely set of goals especially when one was achieved immediately :D

  2. Good way to keep track, and good luck this month.

  3. I like your goal lists, you at least made progress on many of your February goals and I bet March will be even better with the sun finally coming out :)