Thursday, February 19, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I have not yet gotten into the habit of recording my progress on WIP Wednesday but I took a picture this morning of one of the pieces I worked on over the last week.

I was encouraged to start the TW Byzantine Ornaments by seeing pictures of completed ones on Facebook. This occurred at a time when I was having severe pain in my neck and back so I could not sit comfortably.  I wanted something I could stitch lying down. So I kitted up the first Byzantine Ornament and here is how far I have gotten.
I just have the back stitching and beading to go. I think it will take me about 6 more hours. I worked on TW's 2nd Day of Christmas as well but I do not have a updated photo of it. Once I finish the Byzantine Ornament I can focus on TW's 2nd Day of Christmas.


  1. This is beautiful! I hope your pain has lessened.

  2. So beautiful! I'm so sorry you are hurting and trust me when I say I UNDERSTAND. Heal up quick or go get bionic bionic parts could make for faster stitching....I think we should all investigate that possibility. Do you have Lee Majors email?

  3. Thank you for your concern. I am better after several trips to the chiropractor and a new exercise regiment. I am also loving working on this ornament.

  4. This ornaments are always stunning, I love the gold/green color contrast :) Glad to hear you're feeling better!