Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February ~ Turtle Trot ~

I always want to wait and post at the end of the day so I capture as much progress as possible. However since WIP Wednesday is tomorrow anything I stitch tonight can be shown tomorrow.

I got on board late to the Turtle Trot so there was no January post. However since January 10th I have accomplished the following and three of these pieces are on my Turtle Trot List Dragon Ride, Byzantine Ornaments, & Crazy Point) I am pleased with what I have accomplished in a month. I hope the next month will be as productive with a heavier focus on my Turtle Trot List.

I finished stitching two pieces -
Christmas Tree Forest a Christmas ornament from The 2009 JCS Ornament Edition. 

Take Time for Friends by Jeanette Douglas 
Yes, I did change the word Friend to Family. This will eventually be the top part of a Bell Pull with four of JD's Take Time Designs.

I also started -
TW's Byzantine Ornament 1 

Landscape  Bell by Napa Needlepoint

Crazy Point a Pilot - stitch piece I am doing

I worked on TW's Dragon Ride and made some progress.


  1. You have some fun projects going on there!

  2. What pretty finishes and starts :) Crazy Point a Pilot looks really fun!

  3. Great progress and interesting projects too!

  4. Congrats on your splendid finishes! Great WIP's!