Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 WIPocalypse ~ January ~

This month's post calls for an introduction and sharing my stitching goals. I started cross stitching seriously in 2000 when I was introduce to Teresa Wentzler designs. I have since also learned  to needlepoint and knit. I am starting the year with 18 WIPs, all of which can be seen here. There are 4 knitting/crochet projects, 6 needlepoint projects, and 8 cross stitch projects.

My goal is to complete half of the projects in each category. The ones I have selected are:

  1. Steeler Scarf for my son in law
  2. Socks 
  3. Arizona Star
  4. Echos of Elizabeth
  5. Garden of Babylon
  6. Dragon Ride
  7. Christmas Tree ornament 
  8. Take Time for Friends
  9. Wedding Sampler
I know I will have some new starts this year. The ones I know are
  1. an ANG class piece called Mardi Gras
  2. knitted cotton dishcloths
  3. 6  Christmas ornaments
  4. a pilot stitching project


  1. You have lovely projects on your stitching list. I look forward to seeing them grow throughout this year.

  2. Those sound like great projects. I can't wait to see more.

  3. Super line up of projects. I especially like the TWs. Good luck!

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and posting a comment. I would have liked to reply but your e-mail is set to no-reply@blogger.com so I'm here. As for your question - I used TW's Needle Guardian for my Wipocalypse button. Since I'm a big TW fangirl I can't wait to see progress on those projects.