Monday, April 14, 2014

April Stitching Goals and March Accomplishments

I created my goals and noted my March accomplishments at he beginning of the month on the Yuku Rotation BB but did not post them here.

My March goals were to: 
  • Personalize and do the finishing work on my exchange piece smiley: smile I absolutely got this one done
  • Ship my exchange piece smiley: smile This was sent and received.
  • Complete 5 sections on my pilot stitching project smiley: ohwell I only stitched two more sections of this piece
  • Stitch on "Morning Glories" smiley: happy I not only stitched on this but finished it on March 30th.
  • Finish  "the kiss" panel on my Mirabilia RR smiley: ohwell I stitched on this but  only completed about a third.
  • Start  "A Good Marriage" by Lizzie Kate smiley: embarassed I didn't get to this one
My April Goals are: 
  • Finish  "The Kiss" panel on my Mirabilia RR
  • Finish the heading and frames on the Mirabilia RR
  • Finish the Mirabilia RR as a bell pull
  • Start  "Taj Mahal" by Chatelaine
  • Do 15 stitches a day on  Autumn Woods
  • Do the finishing treatment on Morning Glories
  • Do the finishing treatment my Lizzie Kate RR

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