Saturday, January 25, 2014

Photo Hunt ~ Vast ~

When thinking about vast I think about knowledge, the sky, space, bodies of water, and love. The one I have taken a photo of is water. I have a great affinity for water which I find interesting since I am an Aries which is a fire sign. Perhaps it is because water is what soothes fire. Its rhythm certainly soothes me. My choice for vast is this photo I took of a surfer off the coast of Portugal. I must qualify this statement a little. This picture originally appeared in National Geographic and I took a picture of the picture in the magazine. Yes that is the crest of the wave at the top of the picture, the surfer a little to the right of center, and people watching from the top of a building. The photographer was on a mountain side some distance away.


  1. Wow ~ I can't imagine!
    I love the water too ~ a little salt water can cure anything that ails me ;-)

  2. I did think that photo looked familiar... ;b

  3. That surfer has lots of guts to try that wave!

  4. unlike you, i find the waters overwhelmingly frightening. the fear had started way back in high school.

    i am amazed at people who glide with the waters so gracefully and without fear.