Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reflecting Forward

I spent time this week reflecting on the next 101 tasks I wanted to list to support my goals. Some of the unaccomplished tasks from my first list and some that I did accomplish have been moved to the new list. Looking at what I accomplished off my first list helped me to redefine what really matters to me. I lost sight of this list over the last year or perhaps longer so I realize I must review it regularly in order to accomplish the tasks I have set before me. I must have a plan. My plan is two fold. I will print the list and put it in my daily record book. This is a notebook I have to keep track of my work responsibilities. Secondly, since I have decided that from now on Sunday will be my day for reflection and relaxation, on the first Sunday of each month I will review the list and select those tasks that I will work on during that month and put the 'to dos' on my calendar. If you are curious about some of my goals please feel free to look at my new 101 Tasks in 1001 days list.

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