Monday, January 7, 2008


It is wonderful that after almost 24 years of marriage my husband and I can still tell each other our stories and laugh together. We were on our own this weekend and were doing dreaded chores like cleaning out the garage and organizing Christmas decorations. As we worked we would share a memory or a story from our childhood and end up laughing together. Some of these experiences were shared while others while similar were from a time before we met. We were able to see the humor in our past experiences and have fun reliving them together. I love being able to laugh and cry with my husband. He is my safe haven. I wish everyone had someone they could laugh with the way I can with my husband. It lightens the heart and makes life a joy. I hope everyone is having a joyful day.

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  1. I can still say the same about my DH after nearly 10 years. In fact, we stayed up until after 1 AM last night just talking about random stuff. I sure hope I can still say the same after 24 years like you! That is awesome.