Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Where did I go?

It has been almost 5 months since I have posted anything here. Not because I have been away or lost access to the Internet (actually I did for a while) but because I don't make it a priority. I get concerned that I won't have anything interesting or catchy to say. So what have been doing for five months?

Stitching wise I have been participating in two RRs and three exchanges. Personally, the school year was very busy, my DD came back from London, and I am enjoying having her home for the summer. I am working this summer both teahing and in my new capacity as an undergraduate coordinator. I am also doing household projects I didn't get to do during the school year.

I have gotten a book on how to modify your blog so I will look to update the look of mine in the next couple of weeks. I also am doing the 101 things to do in 1001 days and will probably publish my list soon and track it.

I signed up for three BNU courses and realize that three is too many so will probably only do two. When they offer the third one again I will sign up again and do it then. I was concerned that they wouldn't offer them again and I can tell from some of the comments that courses are offered multiple times. i also registered yesterday to go to CSNF in Toronto this coming October. I am really excited to be going because I will get to meet and see so many of my online stitching friends and hopefully take a couple of classes with TW and JAS.

So as you can see I keep myself busy. There are three weeks left to my summer then Freshman Orientation starts at my university and the school year begins again. I am going to enjoy each and everyday of the remainder of my summer and head into the school year with great expectations and a high level of excitement.

Since I have been away for so long I will have plenty to post so I will get started tomorrow with my blog renovations and showing you some of what I have been up to . Have a lovely day!!!

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