Sunday, January 1, 2006

In the beginning...

Here it is the beginning of another wonderful new year. How I end one year and begin the next is very important to me because I feel it sets the tone for the coming year. Because this year starts on a Sunday DD & I started the day by going to church. I wanted to spend time with DH and since he likes to shop we went shopping for new kitchen cabinet hardware and other household repair and decorating items. Then we rented some videos to watch this evening. We also did some Christmas returns and looked for a coat for DS. After getting home I baked sweet potato pies and cooked a special dinner. Now we are watching Kingdom of Heaven and I am going to stitch for the rest of the evening. I have also set my personal and stitching goals for the year.

My personal goals are :
  1. Lose weight.
  2. Exercise regularly and improve my flexibility.
  3. Take care of my health.
  4. Continue to decorate and improve our home.
  5. Get rid of the excess junk in our house.
  6. Organize my home and my office.
  7. Take care of my friendships.
  8. Continue to pay off debt & do retirement planning.
  9. Continue to build my relationship with DH.
  10. Stitch more and learn to knit and quilt.
  11. Learn new teaching delivery techniques and add to my content knowledge.
  12. Define the Undergraduate Coordinator's role in our department.
My Stitching Goals are:
  1. Finish three of my seven WIPs
  2. Start and complete two RRs
  3. Start six new designs for the new year in addition to the RRs.
  4. Finish the year with five or less WIPs.
I feel I have started the year off on the right foot and am looking forward to a happy and properous new year. May all of you have the same. So TTFN and off to my stitching I go.

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