Monday, December 26, 2005

Why Blog?

I have decided to try blogging. I have never been much of a journal or diary keeper but I do like to post on cross stitch BBs. Given that I thought I could use a blog to write about my cross stitch journey and anything else in life that strikes my fancy.

Here it is the day after Christmas. I gave two cross stitch presents. I gave my DD Gentle Creature by Teresa Wentzler. GC is matted in a deep green suede like mat and framed in a white and gold frame which my daughter says reminds her of a unicorn's horn. GC was stitched on 28 count Lakeside Linen in Wisteria.

I gave DS Dragon Rampart by Teresa Wentzler. DR is done as a pennant and will be hung with bell pull hardware. It is stitched on 28 count even weave in Star Sapphire.

Both children seemed to really appreciate their gift.

Christmas day was wonderful. Two of my children are home and I got to see the third later in the day. Although my children are 16 and 20 they still delight in Christmas morning and so we were awakened at 7:45 by our dear ones and proceeded downstairs to check out what Santa had left in our stockings and under the tree.

After we opened our gifts we had our traditional pancake, egg, and bacon breakfast. When we were done with breakfast the kids went to enjoy their gifts, DH went back to bed, and I cooked Christmas dinner. About three hours later when I was done we packed the dinner into the car and took it over to my inlaws house where we unloaded it and proceeded to serve Christmas dinner. We watched basketball and football, and generally had a good time talking to each other. We got home about 10PM. I found my christmas book and climbed into bed to read it. It was a wonderful day and I thank god for it. I hope all of you out there had an equally happy day.

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