Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Accomplishments - April Goals

As I suspected I did not meet as many of my stitching goals this month as I did last month.
What I planned to accomplish during March and what I accomplished are as follows:

  • Start Little House Needlework's Cappuccino - I did start this project 
  • Finish stitching Byzantine Ornament I - I did complete this project
  • Finish Crazy Point Pilot stitching project I am almost done but I did not finish it.
  • Finish stitching TW's 2nd Day Of Christmas Ornament - Not even close. I got distracted by another project called Arizona Star which wasn't even on my March goal list
  • Mount and start Mardi Gras needlepoint class project - Yes I did!
  • Stitch 12 stitches a day on my Princely rug canvas Not even close.
  • Send my ANG badge to the finisher - Yes! Hooray I sent this to the finisher.
  • Sew a polar fleece blanket for my son - it's all pinned but I have not stitched it yet.
So I met four out of eight goals for March. Not as strong a showing as I would have liked. 

Now what about April's Goals? My planned goals are:
  • Finish Crazy Point pilot stitching project
  • Write and submit my evaluation for the Crazy Point project 
  • Work on Little House Needlework's Cappuccino
  • Finish stitching Arizona Star by Laura Perin
  • Work on Mardi Gras and get it half done
  • Work on Afternoon Nap 
  • Work on a cancer heart an ANG chapter outreach project
  • Sew a polar fleece blanket for my son
This should keep me busy throughout the month.I love longer days because I stitch more. Yay!!

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  1. Well you might have one completed for, but it sounds like you made progress on at least two more and that's something, isn't it? :D Have fun with your April goals ^_^