Monday, April 21, 2014

~April~International Hermit &Stitch Weekend~

I had the opportunity to stitch quite a bit this weekend. For me that means about  3 hours on Friday, 4 hours on Saturday, and 8 hours on Sunday. I only worked on two projects but made nice progress on both.

The first is called Autumn Woods and I did my 15+ stitches per day Friday - Sunday This is my steady as you go piece where I plan to stitch at least 15 stitches a day until it is done sometime in 2015. The piece is only 100 X 64 but has lots of blended threads and confetti which makes for slow stitching but lovely shading.

The second is my focus piece for April; a section of Mirabilia's  "The Kiss" stitched on my Mirabilia Round Robin from 2006. I am trying to get this done by the end of April and finish this RR into a bell pull. I only have 30 more rows to go. Unfortunately it is a lot of confetti and I also have the beading and back stitching to go. I don't usually stitch for three hours a night but that is what I going to try and do.

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