Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photo Hunt ~ Bridges~

While there are many physical as well as conceptual types of bridges here is a picture of one of the bridges over the gorge at Cornell University.  This was from the 1970's when I was a student there.  I crossed this bridge at least twice a day for most of my college career.

  It went over a gorge which was 180 feet below it and connected the residential side of campus where the women's dorms and most of the sororities were located, to the academic part of the campus. Yes, I started college before co-ed dorms and I am very happy I did.  During my junior year they first introduced co-ed dorms to the campus. I tried it and ran back to live in my sorority house. The boys were noisy, messy, and inconsiderate. I didn't want to live with any males until I got to make the choice or, in the case of brothers and sons, they were given as a gift to one.


  1. Oh my, this is absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to walk across that bridge everyday. I haven't experienced living with boys, other than my husband! But I enjoy your description and love your phrase about them being given as a gift. Beautifully said.

  2. Beautiful shot of the bridge in the snow. My first year of college they had started with one co-ed dorm, the rest were single sex. I actually wanted to be in the co-ed dorm and liked it. We (girls) had our own floors and the boys had their floors so it wasn't mixed in terms of the floors.