Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ANG Stitch of the Month for August

The ANG Stitch of the month for August was posted Sunday. I printed it on Monday and worked on it Monday evening. I got up early this morning to finish it before leaving for work.. This month we dis Octagonal Eyelets and partial eyelets in the four corner blocks. Mine are done in red Splendor S826. We still have three borders to stitch  around what we completed so far ( 1 per month) and the beading ( in December). Given my color selection this will be a perfect Christmas piece.If I continue to stay caught up with the monthly assignments I will have it done in time to have it framed for Christmas. I am amazed how this has come together given no knowledge of the design at the front end and the fact that I changed two of the three color families. The red was the designers original choice but I substituted this forest green for the original lime green and I substituted cream for the original royal blue. I have also made substitutions for the types of fibers using what was available from my LNS instead of having to order online. I am already looking forward to the next installment. My guess is that the first border will be stitched in green. Join me next month to see if I was right.

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