Monday, July 12, 2010

July SBQ

1. Do I stitch because I want to be alone or do I end up being alone because I stitch? This a paraphrase of the question but gets to the heart of it. When I began to stitch ten years ago I did it to keep my hands busy during long faculty meetings. While I like to grab some quiet time with my stitching I also stitch in a variety of different settings such as soccer games, waiting for an appointment, or by myself in my stitching chair. So I would say neither statement is true for me. I do  however find it relaxing at the end of a busy day or first thing in the morning to sit quietly and stitch and reflect on what ever is currently going on in my life.

2. What are the characteristics of my ideal stitching group?
Ideally I would like the group:
  • to have a mix of ages
  • have light but fun conversation ( not gossip) 
  • or discuss current issues
  • and  feel comfortable enough to share our stories
  • feel free to help each other
  • share ideas and techniques
  • laugh a lot
  • celebrate together
  • meet either in a shop or a public meeting space
I like the idea of it being like the old fashion quilting bees you read about.

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