Saturday, July 10, 2010

12 Stitches a Day

I recently joined the Shining Needle Society . One of the instructors,  Gay Ann Rodgers gives us a weekly assignment with the intention of  keeping us moving forward on her projects but she is extending to the entire SNS student community. The challenge is simply stitch 12 stitches each and every day.  I decided to take that a step further. I took one of my painted canvas WIPs to work and started stitching 12 stitches per day sometime during the day. This is such a beautifully painted canvas that it is hard to tell where I have stitched but if you look closely you will see I have worked on the outer blue border and the inner blue border. I am stitching this piece with Caron Impressions and I love the way this fiber handles and looks in this design. I am doing this design entirely in tent stitch. This piece has been put aside for more urgent projects but this way I will make slow but sure progress. I will also do 12 stitches a day at home on my focus project of the day.

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