Thursday, May 13, 2010

Progress on My 2010 Needlework Goals

Although it is late to be posting a news years message I like to start at the beginning. I thought for quite a while that I would not blog again. I got discouraged because it was not interactive like the Bulletin Boards I participate on. But there is great value to writing down your journey in an orderly fashion.

My Needlework Goals for 2010 are as follows:
  1. Complete seven projects
  2. Learn new stitches and techniques
  3. Finish 10 of my completed projects
  4. Learn to Knit and knit a prayer shawl
  5. Learn to crochet and make a lap throw
  6. purchase a project in each place we visit
  7. Rotate in my new projects
  8. Visit and join either EGA or ANG or both
  9. Do at least one RAK
  10. Take one or two needlework classes
At this point, almost half way through the year let's see how I am doing:
  1. I have completed 1 project so far this year. I really need to step it up.
  2. I have learned new stitches such as the four scotch stitch, the diagonal oriental variation, The elongated cashmere, and a few more. The ANG mystery introduces me to at least one new stitch each month.
  3. I have joined my local ANG chapter and the EGA CyberStitchers.
  4. I have sent a RAK to my EGA chapter for door prizes.
  5. I am taking an ANG course on Color
  6. I have learned basic knitting and I am making a prayer shawl for my SIL.
  7. I have learned basic crochet and started a throw for my father.
  8. So far I have purchased at least one project from each place we visit.
  9. I have been adding in new projects but I need to also finish some.
  10. As another RAK I am making a heart for my ANG chapter outreach project

I have a long way to go if I want to complete all my goals but I am making good progress on them.

There just doesn't seem to be enough time to finish all I want to. However if I focus on some of these projects I have started I will have something to show.

What about you? How are you doing against your 2010 goals?

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