Friday, May 14, 2010

Callaway Gardens

I am spending time everyday exploring the world of needle arts online. I am finding out about new to me organizations like the National Academy of Needle Arts. What I found on Wednesday is what appears to be an extraordinary retreat /seminar event. Since it is new to me it may be new to you also. It is called The Callaway School of Needle Arts and is held in a resort like setting that looks wonderful for two weeks every January. The 2011 School information is up on the web and if you are interested you can find more information here. If I were going to go I would have a hard time selecting among the wonderful classes. This is an example of one of the pieces that appeals to me called "Frankie. It is unlikely that I will go since I teach and it is hard to break away in January. It is so nice to day dream about it though. January is also a great time to travel from the northeast to some place warmer even though Atlanta is not always that much warmer than upstate NY in January. The school is located southeast of Atlanta. Yes I Google mapped it. So take a look and see another wonderful place to learn more and share your passion for needlework with others.

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