Friday, December 4, 2015

WIPocalypse ~ November ~

Here I am on December 4th just getting around to reporting on November.  The question for this month is:  Which designer has inspired you to stitch the greatest number of designs and why do you think that is? 

Since I do both cross stitch and needlepoint I will list two designers one for each major style of needle work I love to do. For cross stitch the designer that has influence me the most and taught me the most about the specialty stitches and techniques used in cross stitch is Teresa Wentzler. You can see pictures of all her designs by starting on this web page:  I have stitched at least a dozen of her designs and have four large ones on my WIP list. They are challenging butabsolutely stunning when completed.  I started stitching with one of designs called "Stretch" (one of her free designs) and went from there.

Needlepoint is a little more difficult to pick one designer but I would have to say Laura Perin's designs  really engaged me in needlepoint even though I didn't start with her designs. I like gemetric patterns the best and I loved many of her designs especially the ones that mimic quilt patterns. From that start I have branched out to other designers such as Nancy's Needle and Gay An Rodgers but have also learned to work with to painted canvas. Below you will see two examples of needlepoint both os which are charted designs.

Our fall in upstate NY was lovely and all the fall leaves inspired me to start a new piece on November 1st and I finished it on November 27th. The design was from the November/December issue of  Needlepoint Now Magazine and it is called Winter Scenery. While quite beautiful I used fall colors instead of the original blue colorway and call it Fall Leaves.  All threads were #5 DMC Perle Cotton. The design calls for # 8 but I wanted more coverage.

Additionally I also completed a design created for EGA and ANG members by Mary Waldsmith called Elegant Holiday Tree. All three sections use the same #12 Kreink metallic but each section uses a different off white thread. The bottom section uses Caron WaterColours, the middle section uses RG's  Neon Rays, and the top section called for Caron Impressions but I used Pepperpot Silk instead. 
It was a wonderful month of stitching but now it is time to focus on more Christmas stitching. 
See you next month and everyone have a wonderful holiday season.
 Here is an example of a Laura Perin Design.


  1. What pretty projects - I love your fall interpretation of the winter design, I think it looks even better than the original :)

  2. Beautiful stitching and lovely choices of projects!

  3. Oh I just love the fall colors you used In your needlpoint piece!!!!!!!