Monday, August 3, 2015

WIPocalypse ~ July 31, 2015

This month I finished 3 projects. Twp were new starts and one was a carry over from last year.

In summary: I started the year with 14 WIPs

  • To date I have completed 3 of these WIPs
    • One was completed this last month
  • I started 18 new projects this year
    • To date I have completed 12 of them; 2 of them in July
This months finishes are: 

A Cardinal painted Canvas by Amanda Lawford

Another bag tag for my husband: 

And finally Arizona Star designed by Laura Perin:

This month"s Question is what makes you pick up a long abandoned UFO instead of starting a new project? 
Actually looking at the number of new starts I have had this year I don't think I do. However, I do look at my WIP (UFOs if you prefer) list at the begging of the year and make a plan about which ones I want to finish and what projects from my stash I want to start. Then I try not to buy new projects but this year I have had started two long term projects that create a lot of new starts. One is to make Christmas ornaments for my MIL, children and grandchildren each year and the other is to make a bag tag for each state my husband plays golf in at the rate of two per month. By year end this will result in 6 ornaments and 14 bag tags which will all be started and finished this year as well as trying complete 8 of the WIPs I started the year with. So far I have finished 2 of the ornaments, 3 bag tags and  3 of the WIPs. I better stitch faster. 


  1. Your Cardinal is so pretty!!!!!!

  2. Great finishes and you've got a lot of work ahead of you. I love those bag tags you're making, so cute and a great memento.

  3. Lovely finishes. Especially Arizona Star is looking great!