Friday, July 3, 2015

WIPocalypse ~ July 2, 2015

This month I met with a little more success than last month. While 

I finished 6 projects they were all smalls and none of them were on 

my beginning of the year WIP list. In other words they were all new

starts in 2015.

In summary: I started the year with 14 WIPs
  • To date I have completed 2 of these WIPs
    • None were completed in the last month 
  • I started 12 new projects this year
    • To date I have completed 10 of them; 6 of them in June.
  • I have stitched on 7 WIPS this month and finished 6. 
  • I worked on Arizona Star but did not complete it. My goal is to finish it in July.
In June I decided to stitch bag tags for my DH for every state he has 

played golf in. He has a goal to play in all fifty states. I am modifying 

design from Jean Farish called "America Land that I Love". This 

month completed Hawaii and Ohio. 

I found acrylic bag tags that you can insert stitching in and i am backing each one with fabric with a  golf related design. 

This month I also completed the first bag tag I started for him describing a big accomplishment. The 17th green at TPC Sawgrass is on an island and is one of the most difficult holes even for professional golfers. Scoring par on this hole is an awesome accomplishment.  For this bag tag I stitch two pieces and put them back to back. 

As part of  quilt project I stitched one state, Idaho. 

I completed the 2nd day of Christmas, a painted canvas by Kathy Schenkel. I now have three of the series done. 

Last but not least I completed Cappuccino designed by Little House Needleworks

Our Question of the month is:
Reality or Fantasy. Figures or Abstract. Which do you prefer to stitch?

When I look at what my choices have been over the years I would have to say I lean towards Fantasy and Abstract pieces but I also do pieces that are realistic and on occasion I have done figures. In needlepoint I prefer geometric designs which I would categorize as abstract but I also have stitched and own painted canvases like the one above which might be considered more real than fantasy.  In my cross stitch and embroidery I have  done mostly fantasy, like TW's Unicorn or Stretch;  geometric designs or message pieces from Lizzie Kate. The only figures I have done have been the pieces of Mirabilia  designs I stitched as part of a SAL back in 2006.


  1. Beautiful finishes! What a great idea for DH and where did you find those bag tags pray tell? :)

  2. I am using Clear Acrylic Luggage tags from a company called 'Embroider This'. Their website is I am stitching on 18 count Fiddlers Cloth in order to fit the designs in the luggage tags

  3. I never thought golf and cross stitch went together so well, but they really do! Great finishes all ^_^