Thursday, March 5, 2015

WIPocalypse ~ March~

This past month has seen more snow and very cold temperatures. It would seem like a great time to stitch. However, I have often felt the urge to 'hibernate' when I come in from work. That is I just want to climb under the covers and come out when ever spring decides to arrive. Even so I did get some stitching time in this month.
I completed TW's Byzantine Ornament I on March 1st, which I started on February 1st.  I am looking forward to finishing the series.

I also started and finished a bargello bell ornament. This design is from NAPA Needlepoint . If you search on her site you will find three other bell designs that she posted.

Our ANG Chapter is stitching a memorial wreath for a dear member who passed away last year. It was my turn in the round robin so I stitched five blocks last week. They are the two on the left and the top three on the right.

I have also completed one section of the ANG pilot stitch project I am doing called Crazy Point.

I stitched on TW's 2nd Day of Christmas and made some progress. The set of ornament designs will be completed s a wall hanging. 

I started my ANG Correspondence Course called Mardi Gras.

I wish I had gotten more done but as the days get longer I stitch more so I hope to have great progress to report next month.

The question for this month is: If time and money were not limiting factors, what projects would be on your stitching bucket list?
I have 153 designs on my stash list but I have not updated it in at least two years. My guess is that I have at least a third of them that I do not want to stitch.   I have about 20 undocumented designs most of which I want to do. Whether or not I own them here are some designs I know I want to stitch.

  •  TW designs such as Egyptian Sampler and Millennium, Companions, Tradewinds, Noah's Ark, Christmas Wreath.
  • a number of Chatelaine Designs such as Taj Mahal, Water Garden, Japanese Garden Mandala, and Egypt Garden Mandala
  • A few Mirabilia Designs such as  Mother's Arm, Bliss Fairy, The Baby Boat. Fairy Moon, and Christmas Elegance.
  • Fairy Dreams by L& L 
  •  Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow 
  • Picture Gallery with Views of Modern Rome.  This is one that I would need a second life time to do but I have admired it for years. The stitch count is 500 X 338 and it uses 110 colors. Everything else on the list I have a shot at doing. 


  1. A lot of work and progress, very nice!

  2. Great progress this month - I love those non-crossstitch projects you're doing, all the different stitches look like so much fun!

  3. Great desings and so different of each other!
    Looks like a lot of fun to stitch each one!

  4. Such pretty projects! Beautifully stitched.