Friday, March 13, 2015

Photo Hunt ~ Nest ~

Last summer my husband kept wondering why there were always wasps in our garage and wasps coming into the house. He hunted and hunted and found a wasp's nest on the back outside wall of the garage.  Finally he had an answer. He began to develop his strategy to destroy the nest. Then while in the garage a few days later  laying his plans of destruction he looked up in the corner  while pondering and saw....
Yes, that's right the other half of the nest inside our garage. They had built their nest right through the wall on both sides.


  1. Wow - how did you clean out that nest?????

    I think this theme was made for YOU!! :-)

    Have a super weekend.

  2. Oh my! I'm terrified of them I'd have panicked for sure!

  3. Wow!
    Not a nest that I would like to have around.
    Happy Hunting ~