Monday, February 9, 2015

My February Goals and January Accomplishments

I did well against my stated January goals and I look forward to doing as well or better in February. You can see my completed pieces in my 2015 finishes page.

Monthly Goals – January 2015
  • Finish Take Time for Friends -  Done 1/17/15
  • Finish Christmas Tree Forest - Done 1/13/15
  • Work on Dragon Ride - Worked on border and shadows around tail
  • Start Pilot Project  - Did sections 1 and 2. 
  • Work on Princely Rug during ANG meetings - Worked on this during both meetings in January
  • Finishing treatment on Name Badge - Did not do.
  • Stitch Eric’s blanket - Did not do. 

Monthly Goals – February 2015

  • Stitch 5 sections of  Crazy Point: an ANG Pilot Stitch project
  • Start and Finish one TW Byzantine Ornament
  • Work on Dragon Ride -  finish the border
  • Start and Finish stitching one bell ornament
  • Work on Princely Rug during ANG meetings
  • Finishing treatment on my ANG  Name Tag
  • Stitch my son's fleece blanket

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