Saturday, January 31, 2015

January D.E.S.I.G.N.

I decided that this month my designer will be Teresa Wentzler since I am currently working on Dragon Ride which I started in 2004. I am stitching it on 28Ct. Lugana in Lavender Bliss. 
 When completed the piece will look like this....
You can see this and all her other designs at on her website by clicking here.
 I have completed almost all her free designs. The very first piece I stitched was Stretch and it was my introduction to the wonderful world of stitching on even weave. Before this I had only stitched a few small christmas ornaments from kits purchased at WoolWorths which were stitched on Aida. I was introduced to this fabulous designer by her brother. He and I were colleagues and he saw me stitching one of my christmas ornaments as we sat in a faculty meeting one day. Before I knew it he was handing me his sister's design, Stretch. That evening I joined her BB and I have been stitching regularly ever since. I then tackled  Gentle Creature which I stitched for my daughter.  I currently have 4 TW WIPs. Over the years I have collected most of her designs and plan to stitch many more. However, I have decided to finish the four WIPs before starting any other TWs.  

Why do I choose to stitch TW designs. First of all they are beautifully designed. TW is a fine artist and her designs look like paintings when they are done. She is a master in the use of color and shading. To get this effect however means that she uses a lot of blended threads and confetti.  In order to get the realistic feel use of fractional stitches is also a must. While these techniques increase the stitching time the finished product is well worth the time it takes to stitch them. 


  1. Incredible! I really love how each person who stitches a TW has a wonderful back story as to why. To have her own brother hand you a pattern! I love the fabric you have chosen for Dragon Ride, this really will be quite beautiful when you are finished :D

  2. May I please have your email address for the updates I send out? Mine is :D

  3. Wonderful entry, and welcome aboard for DESIGN! I'll get to answer your mail soon, I'm just a tad slow (because busy) at the moment. I love the story of you got to Teresa over her brother!

  4. OMG!!!! You knew Teresa's brother.... How lucky you were! Love how Dragon Ride is coming along. (p.s. could you send me your e-mail - thanks)