Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 in Review and New Beginnings

My 2014 goal was to complete 12 of my 18 WIPs. 

During 2014 I completed 10 projects, of which 6 were WIPs. The projects I completed were:

Two knitting projects: 
  1. a skinny cable scarf 
  2. a decorative shawl
Three embroidery projects: 
  1. a drawn thread project called Morning Glories
  2. the last panel on a Mirabilia RR where I stitched a section of The Kiss. 
  3. A scissor fob for an exchange 
Five needlepoint projects: 
  1. Three ornaments
  2. A gingerbread man for a ANG wreath project
  3. A sampler of border patterns - and ANG project
I didn't complete as much as I wanted to in 2014 but here we are at the beginning of a new year with limitless possibilities. 

I am starting this new year with 18 WIPs  and while it is the same number as last year there are some different projects in the mix.  
  • 4 knitting
  • 6 embroidery/cross stitch
  • 8 needlepoint
Here's to a happy, healthy and productive stitching year.

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