Friday, March 21, 2014

WIPocalypose - March 2014

In the last month I have worked on four projects.
1. My pilot stitching project has 6 more sections completed but no pictures allowed.
2. My exchange pieces. I started and finished them but since the recipient has not yet opened the package I will not post pictures.
February 16th
March 16th 
3. I worked on a panel on my 2006 Mirabilia RR. See above.  I am stitching a section of The Kiss and have made some progress.
February 16th 
4. And I  worked on a drawn thread piece called Morning Glories.
March 16th

Last of all we were supposed to share a little about our stitching space. Most of the time I stitch upstairs in my bedroom. I have a comfy stitching chair and a hassock  to put my feet up on. Behind me is my Ott lamp and next to my chair is the blue bag with my current project and my lab stand. My tusal jar, scissors, and other small tools are on the table and I have enough room there for the  chart stand.  If you look carefully I have my quilted knitting bag hanging over the left wing of the chair. It has my current knitting project in it. The TV set is diagonally across the room so I can 'watch' TV or a DVD of my choosing while I stitch. I also have the plug for my iphone over the arm of the chair and a set of headphones so I can listen to a book or podcast while I stitch instead. Sometimes I set my laptop up and stream a movie or show from Netflix. The plug for the laptop is also hanging over the arm of the chair. And yes, those are two bottles of water in the trash can for when I get thirsty. While this is where I stitch I store all my stash in my 'craft room' where I also have my sewing machine and second PC monitor. If I have sewing to do I move in there to work.   

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  1. What a lovely stitching space! I myself stitch in bed or on the couch watching television. So I keep my stitching in a bag so I can be mobile!