Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year and Happy Stitching

I have been offline for almost two years and have decided to come back. I missed seeing and reading about the accomplishments of other stitchers and the sharing of ideas. I look forward to working on and completing many projects this year. As many others do I have a long (to me) WIP list which never seems to get any shorter because I continue to find new projects I want to stitch and start them before completing the ones in progress. By continuing to visit my local LNS and distant ones when I travel, I continue to add to the list of must do projects and start many of them. I will join the 2014 WIPacolypse and work on making a dent on the many long standing WIPs that I have. I look forward to reading about everyone's progress and sharing my own. So I wish all  stitchers a Happy New Year and may all of you finish lots of WIPS this year. 

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