Friday, January 6, 2012


I love to be organized but I don't always like cleaning out the clutter. Today I typed up my organized list to track my decluttering project for 2012.  I love to make lists too. Why do I like being organized? Because I can always find what I want if it is put away where it should be. My mother used to say "a place for everything and everything in its place" and it is my mantra. Why throw your dirty cloths on the floor when you have a perfectly good hamper, I remember asking my children on several occasions. It doesn't take any more work to use the hamper and your room won't look so messy.  I  get physically distressed if the house or my office are a mess. Obviously my children did not because they continued to throw their dirty cloths on the floor. I wasn't a total tyrant, so as long as they did not do this in the public spaces of the house I would live and let live. Of course there was the time my oldest son left his gloves and hat on the floor by the back door as he came in from playing in the snow. Now our rule was three strikes and you are out. In other words, I was willing to give three warnings about this breach of the rule and the next time I would throw out the offending clothing. As it is written let it be done, Yul Brenner once said in a movie. My son had just struck out and so his hat and gloves went into the garbage.He was horrified a couple of days later when he finally figured out where his hat and gloves were and retrieved them. This story is still told by all the children with great humor. I never had to throw anyone's cloths out again.

So if you are also venturing into a world free of clutter and are embracing organization you can get a few ideas  from the links below:
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