Friday, December 30, 2011

My Stitching Accomplishments for 2011

My goals for 2011 were to:

  1. End 2011 with 5 WIPs -  I started the year with 16 WIPs and ended with 14. However, I completed 14 projects which means I added 12 new projects during the year. Even though I am happy with how many projects I competed I did not meet this goal.
  2. Finish Needle Guardian  a WIP) - YAY!! Completed 6/4/11
  3. Finish TW Story Teller (a WIP) - I worked on it a bit but not even close.
  4. Complete ANG color theory course. - Only completed 1 lesson
  5. Complete EGA shading stitches course. -YAY!! Completed 3/27/11
  6. Coordinate Cleopatra's Cat - EGA BEE. YAY!! I have set up our Blog and initial lessons.
  7. Create stitch guide  for Master Craftsman step 1 -  YAY!! I completed this 9/30/11.
  8. Stitch Master Craftsman piece and submit for assessment in October - Have not yet started
In addition to finishing 14 projects I submitted 4 projects to the Monroe County Fair this year and all of them earned a ribbon in their division. One even earned Best of Section which was a real honor.  Overall I had a very successful year with my needlework.  In addition, I did a little bit of finishing and sewing. I look forward to learning more stitches and to stitching and finishing many more projects in  2012. I may even learn how to knit socks.

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