Monday, April 21, 2008

Why oh why...

Do I not post on a regular basis? I am not a lazy person but for some reason this activity which comes so easily to many of you is one that eludes me. By the time I even think about it a week has passed by and then a month and so on. So I haven't posted in over two months. However whether I post or not life marches on and winter has melted into spring; an absolutely gorgeous spring.

Yesterday I flew to NYC and attended a concert at Carnegie Hall. I was so excited to be there because you see I was going to listen to my younger son sing with his high school choir. They were the featured choir and a part of the National Youth Choir. Words alone can not express how proud I was of him and his 64 classmates as they proceeded on stage in their tuxedos (for the boys) and long black dresses (or the girls) and gave an outstanding concert. They are an outstanding group of young people and they are led by an outstanding choral director and accompanist. These adults expend a lot of time and energy working with these young people and have a great influence on them. In return these teenagers respond positively to their leadership.

The only sad note is that no one but the audience there will know how wonderfully these young people performed. No one will know how many hours of rehearsals and individual practice they put in to become the best high school choir in the country because no one from the press was there. They were probably too busy focusing on all the negative events of the day instead of spending an hour listening to these heavenly voices . Perhaps if we focussed on the positive activities of our youth on the 6 o'clock news other young people would be influenced to follow their lead. In any case, I am one happy and proud mother of a wonderful young man and a proud community member of the the best high school choir in the country.

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