Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

My cross stitch stats for 2007 are as follows:
  • Starting WIPs 12
  • New Starts: 5
  • WIPs completed: 8
  • WIPs Retired: 1
  • Remaining WIPs @YE: 8

My stitching goals for 2008 are:
  1. Get my WIP count down to 5 or less by the end of the year.
  2. Finish my 10 project challenge.
  3. Finish 15 of my stitched pieces.
  4. Be a SOS except for three exceptions (3 charts, JCS Ornie magazine, supplies needed to complete projects in my stash)
  5. Stitch at least 4 new ornaments from any JCS ornament magazine.
  6. Learn the following new skills: stitching over one, hardanger, punch needle, and knitted socks.
  7. Finish one project for each of the new skills learned.
  8. Send out one RAK out of my stash.
My Starting WIPs are:
  1. Christmas Tree Mandala - 70% - Stitched 50 % in 2007
  2. Dragon Virtues Afghan - 40% - Stitched 25 % in 2007
  3. Mira RR Deco Spirits - on Mira RR - 20% - Stitched 5 % in 2007
  4. StoryTeller - 5% - I did not stitch on this one in 2007
  5. Dragon Ride- 8% - Stitched 4 % in 2007
  6. Autumn Sampler - 70% - Stitched 65 % in 2007
  7. TW Wedding Sampler 5% - Stitched 5% in 2007
  8. Winnie the Pooh Christmas Ornament 10% - stitched 10% in 2007
My Plan is:
I will plan to stitch an average of 2 hours per day. I am a One At A Time (OAAT) stitcher for my major pieces. I will stitch Christmas ornaments and other small projects as travel projects. Winnie the Pooh Ornie occupies that spot right now. Each of my WIPs will come up to be stitched in a specific month based on how long I thing it will take to complete them. This will enable me to stitch on all on my WIPs this year and hopefully finish all but one, the afghan. I am currently working on Chatelaine's Christmas Tree Mandala and plan to have it completed by Saturday. At that time I will start TW's Wedding Sampler. I have given myself until the end of February to complete this one. If I complete before the end of February I can use the remaining time for a new start. I will follow this practice as I complete each WIP. This will allow me to finish my existing WIPs and start a few new projects throughout the year. I am very excited about this variation on OAAT stitching and look forward to an exciting and fun stitching year.

So what abut you? What are you looking forward to accomplishing this year?

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