Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Revamping My Stitching Plans

I initially set the goal to stitch two hours a day. At that rate I will finish my stitching at a lot slower rate that I originally planned. That means updating my stitching rotation. As I mentioned in an earlier post I am a one at a time stitcher and I am focused on finishing the projects from my WIP list since most of them have been WIPs for a number of years. I will however give myself the opportunity to start new projects three different ways. I will do eduCATed later this spring because I want to give it to my son when he graduates from HS. I will stitch on Ornaments and very small projects as my travel projects. I may have a couple of these going at a time since I am going to participate in the 12 days of Christmas SAL and I also want to stitch some simpler ornaments when I need a break from confetti. The last will be for larger projects. I will stitch my WIPs OAAT. In the month that I finish a WIP I have the option to spend the rest of that month on a new start or move onto the next WIP in my plan.

I plan to stitch my WIPs and one planned new start in the following order:
  1. Chatelaine's Christmas Tree Mandala - Done 1/16/08
  2. TW's Wedding Sampler - Current Project
  3. eduCATed for DS's HS graduation
  4. Dragon Ride
  5. Mira's Deco Spirit
  6. TW's Autumn Sampler
  7. Storyteller
  8. Dragon Virtues Afghan

Travel projects:
  1. Heart of Gold - Done 1/13/08
  2. Pooh Bear Ornament
  3. TW's 12 Day of Christmas - Day 1
  4. Other selected ornaments
I will see how this plan works for me.

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