Tuesday, December 27, 2005

On the second day after Christmas...

Here it is two days after Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even our cat. The kids (ages 16 and 20) are still asleep and Mom gets some quite time. I finished my first knitting project yesterday. It was a scarf for DD. I just need to do the binding row and weave the ends in. Then I will get dressed and go to the store to do returns. When I get back home DD & I are going to thoroughly clean her room. She still hasn't unpacked all her boxes form the move since she has only been home for a total of about 3 weeks since we moved into this house. When we are done with her room we will move onto DS's room and "The Commons". The Commons is the forth bedroom and it is a shared space between DD, DS and myself. In it we have DS's desk and computer, DD's drafting table and art supplies and my sewing table and cross stitching and craft supplies. It will be a busy day but I hope a fulfilling one. I have wanted to get this done for a while and now with everyone home I can. If time permits we will also deliver DD's Christmas presents to her friends. DD doesn't drive yet so I will drive her around. When all this is done I hope to sit down and stitch this evening. So long and may you all have a magical day.

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