Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mirabilia RR

On Tuesday January 3rd I will mail out my MiraRR. Over the next few days I will focus on getting it prepared for others to stitch on. I will not be able to finish my design which is Deco Spirits -Fire. I will how ever have the heading done and the stitiching areas outlined. When I get it back in August I will finish my design and the border. Since I am using stitchband all I have to do to finish it is hand stitch a backing onto it and add bell pull hardware which I will purchase sometime before August. The theme and title of my RR is Faces of Change. This reflects the many moods and changes that occur in a woman's life from being a little girl, daddy's princess, DH's queen, a mom, a lover, a friend. This theme will all the Other stitchers to select just about any Mira design and stitch the central part of it in a 6" X 4" oval. When the piece returns I will stitch a frame like border around each one in gold treasure braid. The effect I hope will be like a series of portraits on the stitchband. I look forward to stitching on six or seven other RR's over the next 8 months. THis should be a wonderful experience as I have never stitched a Mira design until I started Deco Spirits and I look forward to the opportunity to emerse myself in her designs.

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  1. Just thought I'd let you know there's someone out there reading...and enjoying hearing about your life in stitches! Your idea for the Mira RR sounds fabulous!