Sunday, December 25, 2005

2012 WIPocalypse -January 1, 2012

You can visit Measi 2012-WIPocalypse page for more information but basically this is a SAL that is focused on us finishing WIPS in our own fashion and speed. Each  month we will post pictures of our progress on our own  blog and let Measi know we have done so by checking-in on her site. We are allowed to add new projects throughout the year so our WIP list could expand or more hopefully shrink as we go through the year.

WIP List
  • Dragon Virtues Afghan
  • TW's Story Teller
  • TW's Dragon Ride
  • TW's Wedding Sampler
  • TW's 2nd Day of Christmas
  • Wacca Rug
  • Echoes of Elizabeth
  • Garden of Babylon
  • Christmas Tree Ornament (2007 JCS)
  • The Buzz Needlebook
  • Visual Elements Earth
  • The Delft Tulip Scissor Fob
  • ANG Border Project
  • Prayer Shawl
Check-in Dates
Full moon dates for 2012:
January 9
February 7
March 8
April 6
May 5
June 4
July 3
August 1
August 31
September 29
October 29
November 28
December 28

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